Welcome To The Makeup Cartel Academy

Welcome To The Makeup Cartel Academy

Makeup, Hair and Beauty Courses with a distinction? The Makeup Cartel Academy offers courses in Makeup, Hair and Beauty, Fashion Photography and additionally treatment courses, for example, Microblading. All Courses are certified and taught by professional UK Makeup Artists with numerous years experience.

Initially we figured the Makeup Cartel would be an incredible stage to create and launch products from. However, in an industry already saturated we chose the most ideal way we could give back would be by sharing our skills and strategies to you folks.

As specialists effectively working in industry with brands, for example, Nike, Next, Footasylum, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, InTheStyle, Glamour Magazine, British Vogue and many more all that we instruct is direct tips, tricks and methods utilised by artists everyday, we don't hold back.

We highly pride ourselves not simply showing you the things you have to know to pick up fill in as a professional MUA yet we assemble certainty and tell you the best way to advance and construct your business and portfolio.

We love our occupations so much, we are fortunate it doesn't really feel like work. We look forward working with you all and expectation you love makeup as much as us.

Rachel is a Professional MUA & spent significant time in fashion, e-commerce TV and education. She has gone through the most recent 6 years working with celebs, models and bloggers at brands, for example, MTV, Nike, Next, Footasylum, Superdrug, Missguided, Boohoo, Asos and In the style to give some examples. With productions in British Vogue, Vogue Italia and Glamor Magazine Rachel comprehends what's expected to make the perfect makeup for camera.

"Makeup is my obsession I am sufficiently fortunate to have an occupation that doesn't really feel like work. As much as I love life on set I found that the days spent in the study hall viewing the understudies develop with abilities and certainty have become my preferred days grinding away."

Sarah is a makeup artist trained in design photographic and gaining practical experience in Occasion cosmetics. As a model turned design blogger working with brands, for example, Sorella, Miss Pap, PLT, JD and hair decision, a great many supporters signing in to look at her glitz cosmetics and style she truly recognises the stuff to stand apart on Instagram.

"Makeup & fashion are ways I can communicate and impart my style to individuals, educating is only an expansion now I find a good pace my tips and deceives with you folks"

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